Industry Experts

The following is a list of notable industry experts from various fields. Inclusion below does not represent an endorsement by C.A.R. or CCRE.

C.A.R. Experts

Joel Singer

Leslie Appleton-Young

Academic Experts

Stuart Gabriel
Director, UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate

Richard Green
Director, USC Lusk Center for Real Estate

Kerry Vandell
Director, UC Irvine Center for Real Estate

Ken Rosen
Chair, UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Real Estate

Edward Leamer
Director, UCLA Anderson Forecast

Raphael Bostic
Director, USC Bedrosian Center

Michael LaCour-Little
Director, CSUF Real Estate & Land Use Institute

Nancy Wallace
Co-Chair, UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Real Estate

Susan Wachter
Albert Sussman Professor of Real Estate, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

Mark J. Riedy
Executive Director, Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate, University of San Diego

Lynne Sagalyn
Director, Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate, Columbia Business School


Speciality Experts

Financial Markets Regulation: David Min
UC Irvine Professor of Law

Mortgage Industry: David Stevens
CEO, Mortgage Bankers Association

Secondary Market: Kenneth Bentsen Jr.
President and CEO, SIFMA

Mortgage Finance: Guy Cecala
CEO, Inside Mortgage Finance

Demography: Dowell Myers
Director, Population Dynamics Research Group, USC

Financial Markets: Mark Zandi
Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics


Think Tank Experts

Perry Wong
Research Director, Milken Institute

Pamela Hughes Patenaude
Director of Housing Policy, Bipartisan Policy Center

Mark A. Calabria
Director of Financial Regulation Studies, Cato Institute

Jeffrey D. DeBoer
CEO, The Real Estate Roundtable

Julia Gordon
Director of Housing Finance and Policy, Center for American Progress


Federal Housing Experts

Mel Watt
Director, Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)

Julián Castro
Secretary, HUD

Timothy J. Mayopoulos
CEO, Fannie Mae

Donald H. Layton
CEO, Freddie Mac

Douglas G. Duncan
Chief Economist, Fannie Mae

Frank E. Nothaft
Chief Economist, Freddie Mac


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