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MLS 2018: Examining The Challenges Ahead

Is now the time for decisive action on the Multiple Listing Service? That was the question faced recently during a panel discussion and livestream broadcast sponsored by the Center for California Real Estate. Held at the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, the agenda-setting panel featured many key MLS stakeholders and brokers who engaged in an in-depth analysis of one of the industry's biggest issues.

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The State of Latino Housing in California

Although analysts say California's growing Latino population has the potential to become a major engine of economic growth, there remain some nagging issues that threaten to jeopardize the state's future, and the well-being of millions of Californians. In September 2017, CCRE convened a panel discussion to discuss the problems facing Latinos, and possible solutions. The roundtable was moderated by C.A.R. CEO, Joel Singer. He was joined by Patty Arvielo, president of New American Funding; Sergio Barajas, manager of housing outreach at Freddie Mac; John Gamboa, president of California Community Builders; and Michele Martinez, mayor pro tem of the city of Santa Ana and immediate past president of Southern California Association of Governments.

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Housing Affordability and California's Future

Housing affordability continues to be one of California's most urgent issues.  Discussing the issue in depth in terms of what might be done to address it was the focus of The Real Estate Summit: Housing Affordability and California's Future, a one-day gathering of leaders representing government housing agencies, academia, housing developers, homebuilders, and housing advocates. The Summit featured panels on "Housing Affordability in a Post-Brown California: Policy Solutions for the Next Administration," "The Economics of Housing Affordability," and "Residential Real Estate Development and Affordability: Supply, Zoning, and Land Use in California."

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Big Data and Real Estate: Adapting to the New Information Economy

C.A.R. Chief Technology Officer Josh Sharfman convened four experts for a special roundtable to discuss the applicability of big data to the real estate industry, as well as the future direction of the burgeoning field of data science. As the prevalence and usability of data science continues to grow across the real estate industry, it follows that REALTORS® must embrace big data to increase their value proposition and enhance relationships with clients.

Participants included Marty Frame, President of Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®); John Kelly, Managing Director of Berkeley Research Group; Sharran Srivatsaa, President and Chief Innovation Officer of Teles Properties, Inc., and Ryan Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of Benutech, Inc.

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Perspectives on the Health of the U.S. Economy: Restoring Balance to Housing's Ecosystem

C.A.R. Chief Economist Leslie Appleton-Young brought clarity to the economic and policy challenges that will shape the future of housing in a roundtable event with four leading economists, who shared their insights on housing’s importance to the growing momentum behind a healthier U.S. economy.

Appleton-Young was joined by Nela Richardson, Redfin Chief Economist; Jonathan Smoke,® Chief Economist; Christopher Thornberg, founding partner of Beacon Economics; and Laurie Goodman, Director of the Housing Policy Finance Center at the Urban Institute..

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Data-Sharing Dilemmas: Ownership of Real Estate's Future

The Center convened a panel of experts concerning data management issues, and the incongruity between advancements in technology and the industry's outdated and restrictive infrastructure. The convening of the panel coincided with a newsworthy announcement from NAR, which will fund a joint project between NAR subsidiary Realtors Property Resource and a broker-backed initiative called Upstream.

The panelists discussed the implications of this news, and also engaged in substantive analysis of what ails the industry and the appropriate course of action for addressing real estate's data-sharing dilemmas.

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Disrupting Real Estate: The Impact of Technology and the Industry's Future

The Center recently convened a panel in July 2014 with top executives from the online portals Zillow, Inc., Trulia, Inc., and Move, Inc.’s These executives shared their insights and expertise with C.A.R. CEO Joel Singer, who was pleased to be joined by Zillow’s Curt Beardsley, Vice President of Industry Development;’s Luke Glass, Executive Vice President of Industry Platforms; and Trulia’s Paul Levine, Chief Operating Officer.

The panelists shared their views on what lies ahead for real estate business, the current state of the industry in relation to technology, and what needs to occur for innovation to fully take root on a wide scale

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The Future of Housing Finance: Economic and Policy Insights

This executive report summarizes analysis from a roundtable with four leading economists and finance experts discussing the most pressing economic and regulatory issues facing the industry.

C.A.R. CEO Joel Singer was joined by Professors Janice Eberly, Edward Leamer, David Min, and Richard Green for this event, and we are gratified that they shared their invaluable expertise. The wide-ranging conversation covered market conditions, the financial recovery, mortgage finance, the regulatory environment, and housing policy.

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Tomorrow's Housing: The Future of California Real Estate

CEO Joel Singer was joined by three engaging experts for a  panel discussion on the future of housing. The panel addressed how future housing markets and public policy can reflect the needs and desires of Californians, and why addressing concerns about affordability and upward mobility will keep the American Dream of homeownership attainable.

Panelists included author Joel Kotkin, an internationally-recognized authority on global, economic, political and social trends; author Joe Mathews, California editor for Zócalo Public Square, a Los Angeles-based ideas exchange that combines daily humanities journalism and live events; and Perry Wong, director of research at the Milken Institute.

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Industry Leader Insights

The Center convened its first high-level roundtable with CEOs from top national brokerages to hear their thoughts on the state of the industry. That discussion is the basis of this report. C.A.R.’s CEO Joel Singer moderated the panel.

CCRE was honored to have the following participants: Sherry Chris, CEO of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate LLC; Chris Heller, president and operating principal of Keller Williams Worldwide; Earl Lee, CEO of Prudential Real Estate; Budge Huskey, CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate; and Charlie Young, CEO of ERA Franchise Systems LLC.

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