About CCRE

What is the Center for California Real Estate (CCRE)?
CCRE is the Center for California Real Estate, an institute from the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® dedicated to intellectual engagement in the field of real estate. Its mission is to advance industry knowledge and innovation with an emphasis on convening key experts and influence-makers.

The CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® launched a thought leadership initiative in 2013 to develop a set of strategic activities that were designed to elevate the organization’s reputation and expand visibility among different publics. A key aspect of those strategic activities was the creation of an infrastructural element to house and organize C.A.R.'s thought leadership efforts, including large-scale project ideas. The Center reflects C.A.R.'s ever-increasing role in shaping the future of the industry by advancing innovative policy solutions and active dialogue with experts and industry stakeholders. CCRE represents branding that is both a part of C.A.R. and distinct.

What activities and services will CCRE provide?
CCRE places an emphasis on heightening intellectual engagement with tangible, resource-rich outcomes to enhance C.A.R.’s brand as a leading real estate organization. This includes - but is not  limited to - executive reports, whitepapers, briefs, roundtables, summits, forums, sponsored research, and the development of CCRE as a resource for industry news and relevant research from academics. CCRE provides C.A.R. members, the media, other industries, and the public with a rich repository of aggregated information about real estate, consumer trends, and the economy.

Does CCRE partner with other institutions?
Yes. Partnerships have been established with many of California's most prestigious universities. For more information on partnering with CCRE on research, events, or publications, please send us an email.

Who can I contact for more information?
Visit our contact us page for contact information.

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